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  • For 30 years, Fountain Greene has provided uncompromised intensive care from a large staff of horsewomen. The farm prides itself in its annually maintained organic pastures of 250+ acres fenced into pastures for the buddy system with stalls, fans, and blanketing as needed. The retired horses benefit from the moderate Virginia climate on the Rappahannock River.

  • Regular maintenance includes veterinary checkups, vaccinations, deworming, hand floating of teeth, and regular trimming and shoeing.

  • Besides the retirement option, Fountain Greene offers an extensive rehab program, working closely with top clinics.

  • The farm provides graduated outdoor medic pads benchmarked to larger areas in a medically approved system, specializing in soft tissue issues as well as other high performance injuries.

  • Safe Keeping is a popular option for the horses that need to stay in condition and be shipped home ready to compete at the highest level.

  • For retirement, rehab, or safe keeping, Fountain Greene is the farm where trainers send their horses.

  • Your horse deserves the best, and our staff settles for nothing less.

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